Reflection #1 - Wild Show 21 and 28 Feb

I am a few days behind with the OLDS MOOC so am going to catch up in bits. First situation is the Wild Show on Phonic FM.

The suggested format is something like

a specific incident

that happened to you

confront challenge / problem

resolved it successfully


a specific incident that happened to me

For the Dreambazaar I started to work on video, how to show Creative Commons on YouTube and then use the Remix button. During the week on Prototyping I got the idea of trying out a prototype by talking to the people it is intended for. So I raised this over coffee after the Wild Show on a Thursday morning. It turns out that although several people are moving in the same direction the support needed if on offer in person can take many forms. In one case the permission to reuse content was ok, but I think any technology is through someone else. Another person was happy to video the Phonic Party on an iPhone so there was a second camera as well as my Zi8. But they wanted me to pirate it complete so they could delete it. On YouTube you have to use your real name and this is not their style of music. Another problem is running out of time to edit and upload.

confront challenge / problem

So during the evaluation week I added another cloud to the Dreamscape, treating one radio show as a prototype for the next. Chris Norton is on a two week holiday so left JD and me to fill in. I have previously tried to talk to JD about Design Science and the Design Science DJ. He still thinks being a DJ is a skill, and needs a lot of convincing about science.

resolved it successfully

Fortunately we also invited  Fabian King as a guest to talk about 3D scanning ( art shows continue in the Phoenix and the scanning aspect is under reported ) Fortunately he knows about Design Science as well. And better still he brought his own sounds. My design challenge to JD was to alter his style from an 80s show on Totnes FM ( listen again available online) so we did 70s one week and 90s the next. Apart from 20 minutes when I went to find our guest, JD modified the design to leave the music to the guest.

Links to the clips from previous blog posts

So eventually it worked quite well. We did play interesting sequences of music from the 70s and 90s. We added value through comment to clips borrowed from other sources. The original Design Science of Collaboration is 90 minutes on YouTube. So far no complaint from the Today Program on copying a discussion on the novel and science. Also one clip with mostly Penny Bentley from the OLDS MOOC hangout week 5.

So it turns out sound is still a lot easier than video. Working on two hours of radio a week is possible, especially using lots of content from other sources. YouTube still has potential but working out how to edit several camera angles will take a while longer. Over time there is more awareness of Creative Commons and techniques to work with this. Conclusion so far is that the course is not in time scale as expected. 

for interest