Checkland on YouTube, more for the Design Science DJ #mtw3

I am still reminded of topics that should be included in #mtw3. It is an advantage online that there is unlimited space, it is up to the audience to do the editing.
So far in the various versions of his talk John Burgoyne has described the coming end of leadership as a theme but also pointed to a future for scientific leadership, without so far going into much detail. I think there should be space for systems, especially soft systems thinking. I have covered this in previous posts but it is worth raising again as the Lancaster TV resource has produced some excellent video from recent events and it is available on YouTube.
I don't think systems is often described as design but there are similar ways of working. I think a radio how such as the Wild Show could look at this using different words, could be next week.
Design can cover many points of view as uggested by the 3D diagram from Gibson Burrell. I remember a previus two dimensional diagram created with Gareth Morgan. Checkland described soft systems as a sort of journey around the diagram. I will have to study more to work out how this happens in 3D.