publishing, loops to #mtw3 Work Foundation

There was a blog post at the Work Foundation but I cant find it so have found what I think is similar
Lucy Montgomery is Director of Research for Knowledge Unlatched, based at the Work Foundation as art of their Big Innovaton Centre.
I am listening to the Wild Show at the moment and also catchin up on blogs and links. Radio as been allowed to use recorded music as a way to promote it. This has been so for a while now. Gradually this is spreading online. Book publishing is moving in a similar direction but more slowly. Part of #mtw3 could be to consider universities, libraries etc as organisations adapting to this. A few incidents so far, the Grove Journal was loaded to Scribd with an article by John Burgoyne. The Networked Learning conference papers 2012 are published by Lancaster University online as PDF, previously I think by Springer. More checks next week.