Clues about Adobe from India #CrossMedia12

Found this through Digital Dialogue Asia Pacific group on LinkedIn

Interview with Aseem Chandra, Vice President, Product Marketing, Omniture Business Unit, Adobe Systems

Previously I have just found video of stage presentations so have not really got a grip on what Adobe is doing. Text is often easier to follow.

Adobe is a different business today than it was three years ago in the digital marketing space. The change happened for the better post Adobe's acquisition of Omniture in 2009. Adobe has over the last three years focused on developing digital technology for helping digital marketers value add products of measurability. With digital communications getting driven by social, marketers are now looking at understanding how best the medium can be used.
Adobe developed Adobe Social with the focus to simplify social marketing within a common platform and workflow, unifying engagement with listening and industry-leading business analytics. Adobe Social Analytics that is the part the Adobe digital suite is one the first social media analytics solution that is developed to measure the impact of social media on business. 

So this seems to be the main focus. The Postscript and PDF products were a base to buy Macromedia and now Flash may be reaching a stage to be modified for HTML. So Omniture defines the technology, this is just a guess. 

However, the intro to the interview has a general statement and a question-
With the immense growth of social media, companies are trying to make sense of their social presence. Can leveraging free analytics help brands in manoeuvring the social labyrinth?

The issue of "free analytics" is not really explored. With Postscript and PDF there are now open ISO standards and it has always been possible to develop alternative software. Clearly there are choices around analytics but not enough clear explanation of what Adobe offers to work out the value of their services.

If Acrobat is part of the leading edge products before last then it must be time for a price drop. Still no official info on an Acrobat release date.