Phone calls to video, Wild Show walk to the #CozmicMeadow

Last week on the Wild Show Chris and I walked from the Exeter High Street to the Quay and then the Flood Prevention area which we described as part of the Cozmic Meadow. I took some video as we went and have learnt a bit about lip sync so the sound from the radio can be edited in. The third one has gone a bit strange. I think the solid background of grass has prompted some mixing options that then went in some other direction. 


This is roughly where the Morning scene is located for Any High Street. More on this when it arrives at RAMM.

Chris mentions the cobbles on Exeter Quay. Not ideal for a wheelchair suspension. He may mention this again.

The start of the Cozmic Meadow.

I mention the possibility of a Superheavy concert with Raphael Saadiq also booked in case Mick needs a rest.

Now I know a bit more about how to edit I could just mix bits of the Superheavy members in other locations. Or link to local Exeter singers with related styles. A combination of reggae, singer songwriting, soforth. Send the mp3s to India for something extra and a mix.

Meanwhile the blow-up Stonehenge is expected to arrive soon at the Lee Valley Park. On the 8th it will be in Victoria Park

Thing is, how will it travel from Victoria Park to the Lee Valley Park? It could be by canal or by bike alongside the canal but rumour is that the pathway is closed. No clear info about the canal. Hackney Wick station is only open enough to go west. But after the Olympics this route should be possible again.

Photos and video welcome of Stonehenge in this sort of location. It could all be done in Photoshop later but let us hang on also to reality.