CMS7 proceedings appear , is this "impact" ?

The Critical Management conference has already posted some papers in proceedings

I have started to look at some. Still a fortnight or so to go and I can't find much else. there is no Twitter feed or blog spinoff that pops up easily.

About ten years ago I was at a Management Theory at Work conference that fell apart towards the end when it was decided that universities should be critical rather than relevant because it was a position that had more of a future. I may expand this to thousands of words or just continue in chat mode.

The rise of ‘Impact’ and the future of ‘research’: Research at Stake
Huw Fearnall-Williams

I started with this. Is "impact" just language?


the Polish anarchist activist community exhibited highly efficient,
technology-driven, defiant community construction capabilities; and carved an admirable
digitized space indicative of innovative use, providing users unlimited potential for
integrative, interactive, interfacing among embodied and disembodied system saboteurs
around the country and around the world.

Resisting Technological Subjugation
ICT - Integrated Embodied Activism
By Lisiunia A. Romanienko
Wroclaw University
Wroclaw, Poland
48 508 953 123

This is an impact, I think.

My impression is that e-learning has not been followed through because it is seen as managerialist or something. There was a critique phase about the conditions for dialogue but not much since the technology made most things possible online.

the CMS website is just bad design, in my opinion. not much happens

but also on Facebook not much happens

could there be a bit more in short form?

meanwhile the papers very interesting so more later