Johnson time travels Cross Media Live into 2011 : Printweek show daily morphs to online 24/7

Michael Johnson is interviewed in the current Printweek as he retires from being chief executive of the BPIF - British Print Industry Federation. He sees the biggest challenge as "moving the mindset into the cross media world" .

Informa was considering launching a cross-media show this year, but have pushed it back to 2012 – wrong move. We’re already at least a year behind. Standing still is not an option.

I completely agree with this. Should there be a LIKE button somewhere? I have added a comment on the Printweek website. My suggestion is to just imagine the Cross Media Live event has already been going for a few years. Think of it as something like BETT so the Tweet feed is part of the event.

Also it could be time to dig up the relics from Digital Solutions. At the time the legitimate print industry was not really into wide format inkjet. And the digital cameras were confusing for a while. But it would be interesting to know what the BPIF made of it. even from a distance.

Printweek are launching a news email for the USA. Do they read Emily Bell? There is still a role for a show daily but meanwhile "cross-media" will turn up as a tag for Printweek online.