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Thanks for this post... appreciated.

Do you know the work of the UK licensee of The Natural Step - Forum for the Future - and their work on Sustainable Business Models?

In terms of a definition of design science. A few things.

- Design science can be said to originate in Herbert Simon's classic1969 work "sciences of the artificial". Clearly computer design (user interface etc.) is a good example of design, but in fact as people like Russel Ackoff have observed there is a close connection between all problem solving and design. Late 19th C pragmatic philosophers like Charles Sanders Pierce considered design to be a different type of thinking - abduction - cf. deduction and induction. People like Ackoff was particularly looking a system thinking and design.

- check out my ever expanding bibliography of works related to design science and sustainability.

I think I've not added some of my latest finds on this topic.

- Check out programs like the Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation - - this is a Canadian example but based on discussions in this group its not unique The OCADU program is focused on applying design approaches to anything which isn't "a thing" - policy, business model, process, etc. etc.

- Finally in terms of design and sustainability and organizations I've got a draft article (which I'm currently shopping around)... entitled "Design Science to the Rescue? Knowledge Production for the Sustainable Organization". I'll email that to you.



I have found a website for Forum for the Future and a link to a course they offer

Also found some guidance on "abduction" . 

And I now have a copy of the paper - "Design Science to the Rescue? Knowledge Production for the Sustainable Organization"
Let me know if you would like a copy and I will check case by case with Antony.

My guess is that this will be published in time for an actual #mtw3

I will ask about abduction at the Deming meet on Thursday.