Comments on world unltd show #guardiantalk issue is not going away

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3 March 2011 11:25AM
Yes, but what does it actually do? You'd think that people who 'communicate for a living' would be able to do so. What is a social entrepreneur?
And you've just dumped tens of thousands of regular users from your talkboards, why would anybody sign up to this when it could disappear at a moments notice?
3 March 2011 11:59AM
More to the point, is this acquisition in any way related to the rationale behind dumping the existing users?
Perhaps a "social entrepreneur" is someone that GUT thinks can be "monetised" more rapidly than the GUT users... good luck with that.
3 March 2011 2:32PM
Ironically, if they'd made GUT subscription based, I bet an awful lot of the regulars would have signed up because of the sheer value and familiarity of it and its community. I know I would have. Whether I'd go for a different format remains to be seen, and if the community that seems to be forming around Notthetalk or takes off I don't know how many people would go back if any Guardian replacement version of GUT is a paid site.
3 March 2011 2:37PM
Very good question from sharkpatoo above. Why would this not vanish in the same way as Guardian Talk? No answer so far. This is the thing about social media, conversation


 No answer so far. Will the Guardian staff answer the question? They never contributed to Guardian Talk. Was that the problem that cannot be discussed? OK they don't have to tweet just because there is public curiosity. But the comments on the site that continues are supposed to get some sort of response. I think.