might the Guardian run out of money? #guardiantalk

Still mystified about the closure of Guardian Talk. After a week there is no change in the say nothing policy. Except that the Friday mentioned "a period of review". So probably not a legal problem, but what was in the review?

Losses continue presumably. Last June the FT reported that they were widening but not by much for Guardian News and Media, around £30m a year. 

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“The £260m we have now is more than enough to sustain the Guardian in the long, long, long, long term. We can say that with confidence now,” said Ms McCall.

But what if the losses got to £50m or so? What if reserves only covered a few years? There will not be any results published till around June but the assumed reasons for the closure of Guardian Talk might be reconsidered in this context.

The business model for citizen journalism is based partly on the view that previous methods of journalism are not viable. Eventually the Guardian, or other progressive UK media, will develop a sustainable model. Readers of the Guardian are supportive but cannot respond given a complete absence of information.