Comms update #CrossMedia2012

A bit of browsing after previous post reveals-

No info on an update Acrobat. But the Salt Lake Tribune reports that Adobe are spending about $5m a month on a building in Utah which could be one of three with 3,000 employees. This is all about digital marketing. I don't think there is a booth for Adobe at Cross Media but some info may turn up.

The Guardian is posting a lot of video on YouTube, including on the new football season -

so more happening than I thought just based on buying the paper on a Monday.

Printweek has a channel but there is only one video

This is about the Power of Print, a special supplement so not sure what else will happen. There are other videos involving Printweek but they are posted by companies and individuals.

RicohTV  seems likely some companies will spend on video production and go direct to YouTube. What is happening with business to business magazines? Don't rely just on what you read.

I have to guess at an English translation but Oce TV is still working at something.