this blog will concentrate on communication for a couple of days, #mtw3 from Wed

The scope of #mtw3 is getting back towards learn9, combining learning and ISO 9000 though it could be learning from any quality system. It may be that forms of communication are possible anyway, more will come out at Cross Media Live. But the form of #mtw3 this week is intended as a preparation for this. So today and tomorrow I will have another look at the issues around communication as such in previous posts.

I will come back to this again anyway for the London College of Communications conference on Futures. Just at the level of words, why do they use Design and Media to describe the departments? I still can't work out what has happened to print and publishing or whatever they relate to now.

I am thinking back to OhmyNews stories for IPEX a couple of years ago. The topics seem to stay the same but the events change over time. Adobe seems more interested in Cross Media Live than a general print event. How much will they explain? I still don't know anything about a new Acrobat. What is special about Adobe analytics? At IPEX it seemed to me that digital had established parity with litho. At Cross Media there is not much sign of litho so there could be a discussion with marketing that included variable data. I realise this has been possible for a while but not much happening on any scale. I think the journalism around print is moving online and the companies exhibiting at shows are using video to communicate directly. Not sure how Printweek and the Guardian for example are reporting this. But Cross Media is an occasion to check out actual behaviour.