Confusion re tech phases to continue through BETT #paranoid #California

Good Morning Silicon Valley has news about the glasses from a Google event, and also a bit of history.


 Pete Carey wrote for the Mercury News in August 1991 that Lee Felsenstein, one of the designers of the Osborne portable computer, showed him “a small device extending in front of the eyes from a set of headphones, and there seemed to be a fairly large, readable red-on-black computer screen inside it” 

There is a theory that only the paranoid survive, which seems to mean that companies have to keep innovating.

I doubt if many people in Devon will be investing thousands of pounds in new Google glasses just to keep up with the developers. But early next year at BETT there could be some interest in a demo.

Meanwhile the idea of a fairly cheap tablet is interesting. Only one camera but it may work with Google + for conversation. Can you record video and load to YouTube? I wait on some detail in reviews and my hard copy to arrive from Dennis Publishing.

Meanwhile I still think Adobe and PDF are out of sync. If there is no priority on development or buzz then the price levels for Acrobat should be dropping round about now. An app for a tablet at around £15, not the desktop prices of some time ago.