Why is it sacrilege? Is there something sacred about a normal gallery? #sacrilege2012 #twitterart

I am still thinking about Sacrilege, the inflated Stonehenge scale model that has now left Exeter heading towards the Lee Valley Park on the 12th August.

Why is it sacrilege? Is it because it is so easy to play with a reproduction? The place is not fixed either.

At Spacex there is a show about fear of landscape. No signs of fear in Belmont Park and there is no restriction on photography because of image rights concerns etc. I think look of the structure is well suited to digital photos etc. It must be some sort of photo process to start with.

I am trying to find out more about ExitReality3D in California. They recently bought Twinity but there is no news on what happens next. There was a scale model of city streets but this closed because of the cost of map data. Do the Ordnance Survey claim rights on the layout of Stonehenge? As of yesterday in Exeter the bouncy version of Stonehenge appeared to be real. But a virtual world of some kind could follow if there are enough photographs.

"Twitter art" could be better thought of if there were some better examples. Tag seems to be #sacrilege2012 ( #sacrilegetour not much used )