Copied from Tumblr re Why did Guardian trash Talk @arusbridger

Why did they trash Guardian Talk?

Today I bought a Guardian print version. Just as bad as could be. There is much less of it. This after a 20% price rise.

And a lot of it is a promo for the web. Join the important discussion around lost in showbiz?

And then the mention of Tumblr, not just for comment but also for music.

I really don’t understand why they junked the talkboard. Was it just an unfortunate Friday lunchtime? Was there any thought about a strategy? I think it was about ten years with almost no change in the software, no mentions in the print version, and no contributions from Guardian staff.

It could have been a social network from the UK.

It could have been a basis for citizen journalism.

But it was trashed without warning, no chance even for readers to back up their own stuff.

So now it is moving to Tumblr. This will work ok but I can’t see why we need the Guardian in all this.

Tomorrow I guess the book section will still be there. Books are very important, not like sound and video to be tacked on after lost in showbiz.


most of my posts will continue on Posterous. Tumblr connects with Guardian and also Spacex Gallery in Exeter.