Copyright, creative industry and barbarians as in radio and academic publishing #mtw3

This post is intended to interest people following #mtw3 in looking on YouTube for clips from the Wild Show on Phonic FM. You can listen live 10 - 12 on a Thursday morning but it is mostly a music show so for this sort of copyright etc. topic the edits on YouTube would be a better place to start.

We have a long term project to be video DJs, including design science. I say we, but my colleague JD still needs to be convinced. He thinks that being a DJ is a skill. He is not wrong but a show could be designed as well, I think. Recently we had a guest talking about Any High Street and how images have particular qualities in a gallery. We then spoke about live appearances by DJs and how this might be different to radio. Here are the links-

(YouTube should show parts 2-4)

We now have to go back to the clips about barbarians and copyright so we can try to fit things together better.