#mtw3 online again at the end of this month, Linda Shelton finds out more about Google docs

Linda Shelton has announced another online event at the end of October. Details in the #mtw3 blog.

She is having trouble with fitting a Google doc into Blogger but has now made it public and there is a direct link

So you can add comments or links or suggest new topics.

I hope to make some connections with the Futures conference at the London College of Communication and look back and forward to Cross Media Live. Already the Acrobat aspect is out of date as Adobe said nothing about the new version. That's just one example. More later.

I also hope to fit in a bit more about quality and ask a few questions if the chance crops up. What happened to UMIST? Long ago there was work there about quality but only the critique aspect seems to be remembered. And how do the quality certificates for business schools actually work. There seem to be several quality marks. How to compare with the comments around ISO 9000?