Copyright, YouTube, ISCA Wheelchair Dancers, Universal Island

Copyright seems to be working out ok. There are sensible ways round most situations. At least I think this is the case so explaining in this blog what seems to be happening is one way to check things out.

Undisputed fact, there is a song by the Sugarbabes called Push The Button posted on YouTube by VEVO

The ISCA Wheelchair Dancers performed in Princesshay on Sunday and my video has a reasonable sound as I positioned next to a speaker. 

YouTube tells me that there is "matched third party content" and that adverts may appear next to the video. So I think what this means is that any income from ads will end up with Universal Def Jam Island. Which seems entirely reasonable. 19 views so far. When we get to 78,000 we may try to claim some proportion for the ISCA Wheelchair Dancers.

The VEVO version is heading towards 4 million views.