Radio, PR, Podcasting as topics for #likeminds in Exeter and Wild Show on Phonic FM

Next week I will be at #likeminds on the Friday but will concentrate on the Wild Show for Thursday. the broadcast is from 10 to 12 but we follow with coffee and a sort of plan for the future. Probably we will have aq guest to talk about a book and Chris will meet them at Central Station. So I will start the show and can mention anything about #likeminds that seems to fit in. 

Over the weekend I will try to video Chris and the ISCA Wheelchair dancers. They are part of the Olympic torch events in Princesshay. Chris also has some clips from his i-phone which need a bit of an edit but we are not yet sure how to do this on YouTube. So our level of production is fairly low. I notice several comments on the Whatleydude blog about connecting social media and television.

But this seems to be coming from an established tv point of view. We do have a broadcast radio but it is made up of little bits that exist in other forms as well. When it falls over we go back to txt. I speak for myself of course.

I don't know if there will be a lunch meeting in the Phoenix on Thursday as part of #likeminds but if radio fits the agenda we will be not far away after about ten past 12.

On Friday I hope to attend the masterclass on podcasting. We are using Soundcloud but maybe not as well as we might. It tends to be either complete shows or else short dlips. Grouping as a podcast is not something we try much.

In general I hope to find out more about PR or a theory of PR that allows for social media access to events and content. The Creative Commons approach is still not well understood I find. I am sort of reverse engineering PR theory back from where I would like it as a video blogger. There must be an explicit theory somewhere.