Creative Commons conversation is also about journalism @BBCClick

So far Click on BBC World Service has not objected to the extracts fro the Click podcast in my recent Wild Show. I don't thin k it should be a problem. The Click shows are available for download and the podcast mentions the mashup as a form that is not to be discouraged. 

I think the Wild Show could continue to explore Creative Commons during the year. When Dan Jarvis MP visited we talked about Creative Commons and later Cllr Paul Bull commented on the benefits of Creative Commons for public figures and public debate.

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How to finance music production is a continuing issue. We have broadcast some of the Phonic Xmas Party on the Wild Show. Conversation will continue through the Analog2Digital event. The sound recording of the Wild Show can be available after brodcast in various forms. BBC Click are welcome to use any of the interviews as they turn up. Also anyone with opinions is welcome as a guest or to suggest links.