why radio relates to #winterlude3

Previous post tagged as #Winterlude3 but not explained as such.

The Winterlude is a period of reflection that seems to get longer. This year continues to end of Jan with Learning technologies and without frontiers.

During the year I will continue promotion for Deming secrets and management theory at work #mtw using social media. It turns out that sound can be mixed with YouTube ok for music and speech so why not for conferences?

I might try to interest Chris and JD and the Phonic email list in a) system review b) dynamic capability if these are the best terms. Not sure dynamic capability has any proscription to offer but going back to learning organisations is also possible. Leadership is very distributed at Phonic as far as I can tell. 

more later, shopping window till the next pause.

Formal learning not much disruption , informal learning rapid change. Can quality theory keep up? note to come back to.