Cut and paste ahead of tomorrow #Sacrilege2012 #BelmontParkExeter

This is a bit more explanation and has the full #Sacrilege2012 tag.

I am interested in how Creative Commons can be used with public art events. A couple of years ago the animation on the cathedral as part of Animated Exeter was clearly Creative Commons, including the soundtrack available on YouTube.

I guess that Sacrilege 2012 is ok to video. Depending on who is in the shot and what they think. I hope a lot of people in exeter will take a look and share photos etc. With collage there can be connections with other sites. In the old days we had to move towards Stonehenge in the summer for a specific date. Now not only will the focus objects move around the country. We can also mix digital media at any location. It seems that London comes into this as we get into August.

Thank you Jared Schiller for allowing me to copy your photo. I think most of what is on Twitter is intended as Creative Commons but it is good to check this sometimes.

I have put a couple of comments on to an opinion at the Guardian from Victor Keegan

I may be going off topic or it may be that Twitter Art fits in with some discussion. It may just be bad art, but there is certainly a lot of graphics to be found. As the site extends over the UK. the chances of art increase.