Daily Mail, how to compare with the BBC? UK media and print culture

Apparently there is now dispute about whether the Daily Mail is now the top website representing the UK for a global audience.

This may be connected with the enthusiasm for the House of Lords vision to do away with broadcast telly as we know it. ( see previous post )

A free for all over the web, a mix of video and whatever.

The Guardian was opposed to BBC plans for local video but then they gave up on their own ideas. Expect much more of this sort of mixture from the former print newspapers. The BBC is doing too much / too little to promote the UK. Here is a photo of a BBC star with added value from opinion. soforth.

Whatever happened to the Daily Mirror? Was there ever a plan?

Thinking about previous story about Guardian story on FT I realise there is something different. The FT could continue print publication during the week as a promotion for the website. The losses could be contained. But for the Guardian it might be more difficult. On the LinkedIn Cross Media Live group it has been pointed out that publishing just at the weekend might not be viable as the presses would be doing nothing most of the week. What happens with the FT colour magazine at the moment? Is it just out of date by a week? Seems ok for what it is.