Diagram again Facebook group virtual worlds, link ISO management standards #twinity #mtw3 #mosocoop

I am going to concentrate on this for a bit. The diagram comes via Facebook groups about virtual worlds. there are several and I am not sure how they link. Maybe start here-

or search Facebook on  "immersive, world, quality"

Background, #mtw3 has an interest in "scientific leadership" and the Work Foundation is working on academic publishing as an example of innovation. The CQI Deming SIG also has an interest in publishing and a system model related to the one shown in the diagram.

So I'm interested in where the detail of the diagram comes from. From James OReilly on Facebook I discover the relevant standards

ISO 19796    elearning

ISO 29990 informal training

ISO_29110  small units software development

This model in the diagram is about crowd funding but could relate to other situations.

My own top problem is with the supplier list for virtual worlds. I still don't understand when Twinity will restore the streets. Do they have funding for map data? Very hard to make a case for a virtual Work Foundation given the current uncertainty.