Deming Secrets and YouTube as radio #EX1to4

This week is taking shape but still seems a bit disjointed.

On Thursday I will be part of a meeting on Deming Secrets, a study in aspects of Edwards Deming that are not well known. I will take a video camera and maybe post some YouTube clips later. there is some interest in YouTube but also a concern with quality as in wobble, variable colour, sound that is hard to make out.

Usually on a Thursday I support the Wild Show on Phonic FM from the basement of the Phoenix in central Exeter. Recently we have been looking at mobile devices and video as ways to extend the Facebook page.

We found last week that an iPad is ok as a video camera but some wifi cannot cope with the upload. Later the same day or the day after is ok though.

I am testing out SceneChat so have put an Adobe video into a blog

I think the time when video is uploaded rapidly will come soon. the quality from mobile devices is getting better.

So there may be a loop, from and towards a professional quality meeting and an attempted video network. The radio show works ok as such, probably less than five minutes dead air in a two hour show. We will probably be able to edit some good bits later. And there could be a phone call from the Deming Secrets meeting. But live broadcasting can be too much trouble. There could also be some links next week.

"EX1to4" is intended to find local news near Exeter. Could be a cable channel also but the shape of organisation is up for discussion.