Creative Commons events, marketing and PR re Ghostwriter / Passage of the Soul #CCevent

There seems to be a change round about now about policy on public access to visual content. Last week I was allowed to video a talk about Ghostwriter at RAMM and David Blandy at the Phoenix. I'm not sure which bits to put on YouTube or SoundCloud. The lighting was bad in the Phoenix so I mostly just recorded the video. I think this will be ok but needs looking at.

Also I have video of my walk with the phone in RAMM. Could make up a soundtrack but maybe people could phone the RAMM number while watching.

(Radio 4 Archive prog claimed the Ways of Seeing video is not available on DVD, but there are several bits on YouTube including the idea that church art is space specific)

The clip that the Wild Show broadcast last week could be heard I think in any space near a museum or gallery or similar such as a home-

OK, I want you to do me a favour. I want you to tell me about an object that means something to you. Maybe it’s something you’ve got in a drawer somewhere. Or do you have it out on display?

It could be from a holiday, or a lover, or a walk in the country. It might be valuable or it could look like rubbish to someone else.

Mine is aT shirt from an expensive shop near Oxford Street. It is white and baggy. And on the shoulder there is a small stain of my mum’s blood. I want to throw it away but I can’t.

So have you got something that you can tell me about? An object that is special to you for some reason. Take your time to imagine it lying in your hand. Go on, open your hand for me right now and picture it in your palm. Take as long as you need and when you’ve got something that you want to describe to me, press 1. I’ll keep your recording secret for now but maybe one day it will become an exhibit on the museum’s website. OK, just press 1 when you’re ready to record.....

= = =

As mentioned on the Wild Show , Phonic FM Thursday 10-12, these clips could be on a Facebook page so RAMM later made a selection.

I am testing a new service from SceneChat that tracks comments to a video timeline. It also posts comments to Facebook with a link back to the blog where the video is embedded. First test is from Isca Obscura last year when the Creative Commons approach was explicit from Watershed PR. If this falls over please add comments to this blog or rewrite the txt-

info on a current project

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policy on copyright

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This is a general purpose interview.  ( three minute edit of Utub but can be longer)

There is a meeting next week at Spacex about marketing

I think my concerns are more to do with public relations as theory but who can tell? It is still disputed what a blog has to do with journalism.