Deming Secrets / #mtw3 practice

The promotion for Deming Secrets and #mtw3 will include LinkedIn and other social media. ( see previous post for details)

Social media allows the same basic content in many formats - email text edited for print, fiction read aloud for mp3, video options on an e-reader. So references from a conference can go back to journals or contribute to future TV or in variations of loop.

Social media can exist on very low budgets, including almost free video. Phone cameras are getting better, especially the wifi options that make rapid uploads realistic. There is a budget constraint on broadcast video but this can be explored. It might be an option for the face-to-face version of #mtw3.

Twinity and other virtual worlds could offer linking clips between bits of video. Twinity London now covers a fairly wide area, including the Work Foundation and Cursitor Street, fairly close to the CQI. With a budget it may be possible to recreate the interior of both the CQI and the Work Foundation. Both have kitchens so another Twinity kitchen could serve as a location.

Meanwhile there is a Twinity St Pauls so Tent City University can be collaged with a virtual world. As I live in Exeter I am also looking at the Free University near Exeter Cathedral.

My guess is that Critical Management Studies (CMS) is now so widely citated in journals that it may be difficult to find representative content in social media. The conversations around Tent City University could be another route. The aim will be to maintain at least a balanced set of options through a range of media.

By the way, the Twinity interior for St Pauls is fantastic.