Deming Secrets / #mtw3 - theory

I am helping to promote two events for nexdt year. Both exist online in varying proportion. Deming Secrets will be live on March 1st and is based on theMoSO model. There is a LinkedIn  page for a CQI subgroup. Management Theory at Work 3 ( #mtw3 ) continues conderences from arpoind ten years agao. It is currently a blog and LinkedIn group and a cloud on Cloudworks. There may be a face-to-face version ion September at the Work Foundation, now linked to Lancaster University.

I did papers for the first two mtw conferences, on ISO 9000 and Deming. I think the "Deming Secrets" may turn out to be what Deming discovered in Japan, possibly described as HR rather than QA. I don't think Deming had just one set of ideas for ninety years.

I used to work in the print industry and it seems to me this is now definitely in a time of disruption. It is quite hard to tell because in the UK you need to read Printweek to discover how the Guardian print operation is re-organised and then read the Guardian to find out how Haymarket is gradually moving magazines online. But in general it seems the scope for continuous improvement is limited. Media organisations are part of a wider social context. Deming did explore this sort of situation but it is not often considered.

Quality theory is seen by academics as an application so not very interesting. The "new economics" can include a theory of the firm and why they close.

I hope there will be some connections between the conversations about learning and quality. One way to support this is by imagining a walk between the CQI near Chancery Lane and the Work Foundation near Victoria. In Twinity, a virtual world, this takes about half an hour if you run. There can also be still photos and collages for people not frequenting virtual worlds. And txt.