Design for Wild Show tomorrow, Anita Baker permalink for Joss Stone

I'm not quite sure what will happen tomorrow so design takes the form of readiness for various options. Chris is returning but has asked me to do the first half hour, 10 - 10.30. The Storyteller is away this week and next on some sudden festival bookings so I have offered to take over. I think there should be some stories and have found him on YouTube. But the main event is Soul Sessions Volume Two, available as a CD next Monday for the UK. Most of it is on YouTube already or at least a few tracks.

I mentioned this on an internal Phonic email list and I think someone may turn up who understands how to play vinyl. It may sound obvious but requires some extra bits of kit. How many actual records will appear I don't know. The tracks go back to the '60s so I think eventually a lot of links will be discovered.

Bill Bradley has made one error I think. Joss Stone was born in Dover but he was probably not phoning her "Dover home". Why this kind of music comes from Devon is still a bit of a mystery but the facts will sink in eventually.

All we need is a credible narrative. This extract is a start-

Who are some of your influences?
When I was really young I liked a lot of female vocalists. My parents’ music collection was what I had, so they luckily have really good taste. My dad liked the Specials and Linton Kwesi Johnson, and he had a James Brown record that I stole. And my mom liked the big singers — Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Melissa Etheridge. I really like emotion in music. Without emotion, it’s a bit wasted. 

Joss told Andrew Marr that Teardrops was the only song on the CD she knew previously. So maybe the style is coming from Anita Baker, I shall try to play some and see how it fits. JD will turn up about ten so there could be some 80s dance. He likes Teardrops but I think Joss is trying to take the style of this back in time. I will get in some country as well.

Also hope to talk about the Any High Street show at RAMM. The promotion / rights access on music is not the same as with gallery images. Discussion could take a long time and an hour and a half is not that long for music.