Leadership as Design Science

This blog post is to suggest some connections.I'm not sure how this will work out but something seems possible.

Found this through Google. Not an academic source but I am interested in #mtw3 as a way to link practice and theory. ( search on #mtw3 for more )

The keynote for #mtw3 is from John Burgoyne. So far there are two versions on YouTube, latest shown

It turns out that scientific leadership might be possible and although this might be an aside it could be explored.

Design Science is referenced in an article from 2006 - 

British Journal of Management, Vol. 17, 303–316 (2006) 

Towards Best or Better Practice in
Corporate Leadership Development:
Operational Issues in Mode 2 and Design
Science research

linking to

Management Research Based on the Paradigm of
the Design Sciences: The Quest for Field-Tested
and Grounded Technological Rules

Joan E. van Aken
Eindhoven University of Technology

Journal of Management Studies 41:2 March 2004

I started thinking about this again when I found Teaching as Design Science, a recent book by Diana Laurillard

It seems likely that this could work with a management approach but I need to know more about Design Science to be able to describe how.

I am also interested in Deming and the Model of Sustainable Organisation

Leadership is part of this and it might be design science. Again, not sure how to map this.

Also I think that soft systems thinking is related. One of the mysteries of Lancaster Unbiversity is that Systems and Learning are in different departments. This may be a general situation, not sure. 

Anyway, comments please.