Design, Media how is LCC organised? ( was Printing and Publishing) #LCCFutures

This week is the occasion for the latest Futures conference at the London College of Communication.

I have been to a few previous ones but they change quite a lot given changes in the College. Clearly these changes are in the past but they offer some clues as to what is in the future.

The name changed from London College of Printing. Then printing was part of Printing and Publishing. Then that went and now there is Design and Media. I am quite confused as to what the difference is or if there is a difference why any student would choose one or the other for a practical project.

The site for the conference mentions "Digital Media" and "Games Design" . Are these in different schools? Is all design now about gaming? Most web sites seem to set you a task and award points even if the original interest was in something else.

From the websites

We offer courses in subject areas including photography, film, video and broadcast, journalism, media and cultural studies, animation, documentary film, screenwriting, sound arts, print media, public relations and publishing.


Graduates from the School of Design include John Brown (John Brown Citrus Publishing), Neville Brody (Typographic Design), Ruth Rogers (River Café), Jason Kedgley (Tomato), Angus Hyland (Pentagram), John Hegarty (BBH) and many others at the forefront of our subject.

There is also a link to Typography and Letterpress. So design may be mostly graphics.

Meanwhile through #mtw3 ( see recent posts of search) I have become aware of "Design Science" . So design has become a large subject with a base in management and teaching. Not sure when it becomes media though.