Imagining a future with no print Guardian during the week #lccfutures

Yesterday the Guardian had a lot of info about regional papers

but yet again there was almost nothing about the national papers or the Guardian itself. A strange comment about Boris I could not understand as the main thing he said that I noticed was what a wonderful thing print is and please don't go online. Not that officially there is any announcement to go online anyway.

The editorial shows off an excellent journalism dodge. A future is imagined in which the UK High Street is in trouble, referenced to Comet as current news, maybe a sign. So let us talk about the end of printed Guardian Mon-Fri at some mysterious fact in the future, say 2015.

Last week Printweek suggested that the Guardian may go to contract printing. This might explain why the Express and Echo is on a Thursday. Sunday would make more sense, to develop as a magazine and to complement the Western Morning News. But maybe the same presses that produce it for a Thursday are also producing a weekend national as well. regional weekly titles could be phased to suit the remaining kit. Just a guess.

But please stop the reporting of the regional press as if the Guardian itself can just be assumed as never changing.

I still have to read it to find out about Haymarket. Though actually I think the most disruptive info on the UK may well come from the Daily Beast.

The LCC is about "digital media" and "games design". Please explain. What to think?