#diana1love I seem to be in my own fantasy world but it is ok so far

Possibly I have just gone off into a belief that I am a presenter on a radio show when actually there is no audience except the friends in the studio.

Story so far. On Phonic FM Wild Show I have gradually discovered more about avoiding gaps of silence and get help on a complete show or half an hour sometimes so Chris can start a bit later. Last week and this the storyteller has a festival booking so I have taken over that as well. The theme is the new Joss Stone Soul Sessions CD. We have been playing tracks from YouTube including the originals where they could be found.

Main conclusion so far is that for dance music the Teardrops is going back in time so One Love In My Lifetime is possibly stronger except that Diana Ross still has the best version, especially in a remix by BabyBollox. So this could be a small hit till Warner UK sort something out, if they do.

I thought this was the sort of thing radio shows are supposed to do. But so far there is no interest at all. No retweets, nobody else using #diana1love . Maybe Diana Ross has been forgotten except in Devon UK. I shall ask in the studio again this Thursday.

I had thought that #diana1love would be about persuading Motown to do some promotion. But maybe there is no Motown, just various distribution deals for stuff  the audience has to discover. Maybe there just needs to be more intereswt in the remix on YouTube. I don't even know if Motown paid for this.

So this tweet / blogpost is just about me. Obviously I am listening to Joss Stone, and also Diana Ross.

( Next week Al Green, Isaac Hayes  to be continured )  

I think I will retweet myself from the weekend. Maybe there is a Motown, but mostly weekdays 9 -5 .