Stills test Pyrates! at Sorry Head Exeter

I did some video at the Sorry Head on Friday. The new Pyrates are amazing. Now based in Eindhoven with a full drum kit. Mostly Captain Gallows is doing the same songs. The CD is not really indicative of the live performance. They can tend towards a guitar band depending on the audience. Apparently they have supported some metal bands and survived ok.

I did the first set on the Pyrates own camera but I'm not sure what happened to it. I met someone who claimed they would record the second set but then I'm not sure I saw him again. So I hope the Pyrates have the camera now.

These stills and the second set on Kodak Zi8. Lighting adjusted but to do similar for video will take time.

I expect there is a lot of other video and live sound recording in various places. So link info welcome. I am thinking about a movie called Next Year in Eindhoven. This is about a band faking documentary evidence that they were in Sidmouth the previous summer. This movie is called Last Year in Sidmouth. Fortunately the Sorry Head is very similar to the basement of the George Hotel on the Sidmouth Esplanade. So some of the editing will be quite easy.