Dionne Warwick could be a remix but linking allowed, Anybody Out There?

Heard this on Steve Wright, not sure if this is the same mix. Dionne Warwick has a new CD out soon but there is nothing on YouTube. On Soundcloud there are two tracks loaded by Charmfactory, a legit PR operation. On the website they mention SlyFly and show a screenshot from Soundcloud. So maybe it is only this mix that can be linked to. You will also find "Always something There to Remind Me".

This is interesting as a track and also as an example of copyright. On the Wild Show ( Phonic FM Thursday mornings) we have an OFCOM and PRS arrangement so we can play anything but no agreement or budget yet for "play it again". Works ok for speech extracts on YouTube but linking to music can be complicated.

Also we discuss graphics, text in print, other media as copyright examples. Rates of change vary for different formats and situation. For response to web technology sound seems most advanced.

There could be a theory of public relations that includes how to identify content for free distribution as promotion and versions at various price levels. Later there could be a look at graphics through tablets etc. Book publishing has found a viable model so far but there may be more disruption to come.