Web, TV, interesting stats re location and tech spread over time. #EX1to4

This is from Media Post
A just-released study from consumer research firm GfK reports that consumers in Western countries and emerging markets are more likely to consider price, screen size and display technology when buying a new set rather than Internet connectivity. But in emerging markets, the interest is much higher in the Web. About 61% of consumers in India and 64% in China said they look for Internet capabilities in new TVs, compared to 26% in the UK and 29% in the U.S., GfK said.

Usage of connected TV features is also much higher in emerging markets. GfK found that three-quarters of smart TV owners in China have used the connected TV features on their TV sets in the past month, compared to half or less in the Western markets.

So local TV through search terms could start out in "emergikng markets". Any locality, real or imagined, can be sustained through agreed search methods. I am still thinking about EX1to4 as an areafor local video but it may take time to scale. There may be a case for a benchmark on somewhere else.