Disruption from MOOC is for Open Universites, maybe #BETT #FutureLearn

From what I can make out from the slides it is possible that a MOOC is more disruptive for existing Open Universities than for some other universities. This could be why the UK Open University is investing in a new venture.

Alt-ED has linked to this from people at the OU Netherlands

This looks at the tradition of open universities so far, and MOOCs as coming mostly from online and the USA.

The detail I have selected is interesting. Some universities will not be disrupted because the research reputation is not dependant on education. I may have got this wrong, it can be dangerous to interpret slides without a sound tape. But just maybe research about learning and teaching online will have a better reputation if dome by people who actually try it.

BETT is looking even more interesting. The scope now includes universities and adult learning. There will be some indications as to what future students are expecting.

Memory from previous BETTS suggests there may be more support on the exhibits from the EU than from UK government. Can't find a stand for OU Netherlands but Twitter may find something around the same time.