Playable City as in where is #FutureLearn ? #mtw3 @PlayableCity

My ideas for playing with the "city" are not on the shortlist but this is not surprising as they are not at all clear just at the moment. It was open to "creatives" as well as artists. I thought it was creative to apply for £30,000 and offer £5,000 to Volkhardt Mueller. I did explain we needed most of the budget for scanning. Maybe we will work out something for another city .

Proposal forms are on Scribd . Briefly, 2D Stills from Twinity are a possible start, mixed with other sources.

Official site

Meanwhile I am finding out more about FutureLearn. Supporting universities include Bristol, Exeter and Lancaster. Lancaster also based at the Work Foundation so it is a real question where FutureLearn exists for and blended user experience. Maybe in a city centre, maybe on a beach.

I once thought there could be a model of the Work Foundation in Twinity. But it could be easier to move the sculpture outside the building. Shape not too difficult if a scan is costly. Textures could be based on photo.