Draft workshop outline on model for video channel and production #likeminds #cqimoso #mtw3

News yesterday is that the #LikeMinds event in Exeter will be in May not October. So I need to rethink my imagined outline for the year. I still have some problem thinking about the discussion around #LikeMinds and the rest of the time in Exeter. But it is the best chance to connect local situations with a global perspective. There will be something about video I guess. a couple of years ago there was #LikeMovies and some hardware from Nokia and Kodak. #LikeMinds is not really a hardware show but still an occasion to ask where the Kodak patents are headed.

Towards the end of the year there will possibly be a face-to-face version of the third Management Theory at Work conference at the Work Foundation. Also possible is another Deming Secrets event that could be further north than London this time. I have done a video for #mtw3 based on sound recording and slides. There is video to edit from the first Deming Secrets event but this is taking time as there are two camera views. So I think it may work to suggest a walk between London Bridge, near to Deming Secrets, and the Work Foundation near Victoria. My interest is in mixing the learning approach and systems such as quality. The Chartered Quality Institute is located towards London Bridge. There may not be #mtw3 at the Work Foundation but it is still a location for an imagined HR building.  So a walk along the Thames might be one way to discuss this sort of thing. There are stills from my walk to and back from the first Deming Secrets. They are a guide for a possible video.


Petty France to London Bridge

London Bridge to House of Commons

So these photos can be commented on or used in blogs etc. This is moving the autumn forward. A face-to-face workshop would be based on plan - do - check/study - act but I think actual recording as "do" would be a priority at an event. The theory could be online at other times. The models I have in mind follow discussions in Exeter with Jo Gedrych about Exeter Television. This has yet to happen but is based on local cable as in the USA. Jo is now living in Scotland and the YouTube channel is presented as JG Productions (search on "directorjo", there is at least one other JG Productions). By the way, I think his suggestions on what to do with a budget are always sensible. I just try to experiment with what is available. 

Recently there has been much talk about Analytics, or statistical process control to be less news orientated. So I have been checking on YouTube stats. I am disappointed there is not more interest in the Green Man in Exeter as recorded in 2011. Recent posts add to this so it may get more energy. Search on "green man exeter". The interviews work well I think in open air, lighting ok.
Relatively large number for how to hack a Prius. So the content matters. There is not much editing, one camera. The event and the speaker welcomed making the content public. I don't think Creative Commons was much discussed at the time but the culture continues in ways that are worth discussing again.