#drupa waiting for Frank and Andy #whattheythink #VIDEOdrupa

Today is the last day of drupa. It will take at least a few months to work out what it has been about.

Today there is a new video from Frank Romano listing some slogans. He ends with a promise to post another one with a couple of hot picks. Now he tells us.

He makes no mention of any slogan from Landa. But he approves of Apple for having new products so maybe we are supposed to reach our own conclusions. So far as I can tell from a distance Landa has no slogan such as Frank would notice, has no Twitter account, posts no video to YouTube. They just do a product demo in real time.

So drupa continues mostly as ever intended.

I also notice not much about JDF. As memory serves Frank was never convinced that the benefits of JDF justified investment in new production equipment. So changes in workflow have been slow as kit lasts a long time. At this drupa web to print seems to be assumed so there must be some XML in there somewhere. But maybe nobody needs to know any detail including print buyers and the management.

More later, including I hope a link to something from Andy Tribute along the lines of 2008.