Tales of Things revisited, location muddle Exeter / Lancaster

It is definitely getting warmer. The Beach Boys have a new CD sometime soon but not yet.

It should be possible to record video in sunlight. Gardens near Northernhay are quite close to the RAMM so I may persuade JD and Chris from the Wild Show to explore. The gate is still shut but the garden entrance to the RAMM must be ready sometime soon or at least during this summer.

I am also starting to think about a trip to Lancaster. Thinking about web aspects of Gripping Yarns reminded me about Tales of Things. Maybe the stories stay the same but time and place can vary. I have to look things up to find out what I have already posted as Tales of Things components. Earlier today I found

Time garden, now out of funded time period so just a garden, not curated i think but who knows?

table top of phones from Exeter, includes Nokia 3410 and Kodak Zi8 I don't make it up that I need to be convinced about a phone with a better camera than the Zi8 before I will upgrade

infolab21 , inspiration equivalent of the innovation center

management hub, where tech is evaluated

nice , city centre link to public space

How much of this could fit into the RAMM? not a lot