East London is in Berlin , more on Twinity and plans for Winterlude3 / VIDEOdrupa

Today the Guardian has a story about a cafe in Berlin called East London where there is a welcome for UK food styles. Mug of tea costs more than coffee in Exeter. 

Mehringdamm 33 is the address I think. Found it also in Twinity Berlin. This is a much wider scope than London, it seems to reach the outer parts where the interesting things are based. I think I crossed a canal on the way. The building is empty but possible to rent. Someone should open a cafe, maybe East London themselves?

Anyway this sort of travel confirms my idea that moving somewhere else helps to imagine future time. Technology that can be thought about probably already exists somewhere. This 3d model approach shows that Berlin has some bandwidth. So ideas about books online or web to print are much more likely. Twinity London has yet to reach Islington Green or ExCEL or even Olympia but there are places where a conversation can start. Cross Media is not going to wait for next September. I realise I am repeating some stuff. Next posts will be a bit more precise and link to other blogs.

A humble cup of English breakfast tea is €2.90 (£2.50). Nadine Sauerzapfe, the 31-year-old German owner, said she chose the name because "East London is the most hip part of London". While many fashion-following Shoreditch and Dalston hipsters consider Berlin to be their spiritual home, it seems the pull works the other way around too.

Winterlude 3 will cover the Online Information show, BETT and Learning Technology.

The Video drupa will end up as a guide for the actual drupa though meanwhile there will be links to other shows.
Both will have a lot of facts in the eventual versions but meanwhile there could be conversations through avatars in Twinity etc.