Visit to London for Open House helps Twinity linking in my head

I went to London for Open House this weekend. Now I check out Twinity it helps to fit things together.

Twinity still stops fairly close to the centre. But it can have signs along the way. My interest is in heading East, partly for the Olympics and also for the future shows - Cross Media in Islington 2012 and IPEX at ExCEL in 2014. The reporting of applied technology relies on examples or credible claims at trade shows. In the UK this usually means a UK show. I can link to somewhere else but it mqay be too far away. Actual visit concentrated on Hoxton and King's Cross. So Flickr photos show a transfer gate for when Twinity gets there.

Source Dubious lives at 78  Fleet Street, floor 9 ( not sure Twinity has the right side of the road by the way) and now has a blue screen or at least a blue wall.

Twinity has got the Victoria Embankment so there may be stills of a visit from Steve Shopper and Wayne Ratliff from their base in King's Cross and Earl's Court. 

It makes it easier to think about Winterlude 3 and the video drupa. The Winterlude is the peiod between Online Information and Learning Technology, taking in BETT. Over the holidays there is time for reflection. The video frupa is two years ahead of the video IPEX. The cross media show in Islington should have been this year. So it can be imagined.

The Canal Museum offers trips through the canal tunnel to Angel. So this solves a big problem in describing the canal walk to the Olympic Park. Very few left for this year though and the Halloween trip is only open to kids. So if you ahve some photos from such a trip please send a link.