examples such as Sidmouth Folk, Joss Stone soul sessions, any High Street and the Cozmic Meadow.

How to do a blog? Especially with topics that relate over various spaces, and the content often comes from long ago.

Previous post on theory and media, but here are some topics that may come up during August.

YouTube takes ages to find anything. That's what I experience anyway for clips I post. I have tried to load Marnie and the Fallen Apples ahead of Sidmouth but they still have very few views.

The Pyrates will not be in Sidmouth this year but I did record them recently at the Sorry Head in Exeter

I think there will be some R&B at Dukes. The Mama Stone house band for example. And the Sound of the Sirens.

Meanwhile I am getting nowhere on promoting the Diana Ross version of One Love in My Lifetime. Still think it could be a dance hit but I may be out of time by a decade or so.

If the weather is good the Wild Show may explore the Exeter canal etc. this week or next. the Cozmic Meadow is a track we played from Rafel Rodney. It could be in Exeter or anywhere, maybe the Lee Valley. The Cozmic Meadow in Sidmouth is on the Eastern side by the river, a scenic route to the Volunteer. There is plenty of space for a blowup Stonehenge.

Future Wild Show may discuss Any High Street continuing at RAMM. Is Exeter really like Weimar Berlin, Hogarth London? Or has there been some tinkering with the source material?