Exeter High Street, Sony box for Google TV available now #EX1to4 #CrossMedia12

Earlier today I posted about Google TV and a topic on the LinkedIn page for Cross Media Live.

This afternoon I checked out the Sony Centre on Exeter High Street and the box has definitely arrived. This is not a rumor from the Consumer Electronics Show. This is actual observation. It seems to be working ok and is designed to fit any TV, not just a Sony. The box uses Google software with Flash and the apps come from Google Play. So Google should try to keep them up to date. I guess YouTube will be well supported. I liked the keyboard on the back of the remote.

Also in Exeter there are Samsung smart TVs at Richer Sounds and specialists for Panasonic and Bang & Olufsen. Lots of other shops as well. Virgin Media have a shop that shows their YouTube app and web browsing. But this Sony kit is interesting as a more direct link to Google. Apple shop also has a box but now rarely displayed.

I definitely think that local media could be possible through a tag such as "EX1to4" or any other one depending on what local means.

a few problems identified here, maybe UK systems are less complicated. Yes, phoning engineers in Japan is unusual.

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