Google TV, Apple TV, ITV still ITV in UK anyway, #EX1to4 #CrossMedia12

Cross Media Live have a topic about Google TV on LinkedIn. I think this should get more attention. Maybe Adobe will add something.

By the way I think the future for local media could be to use global media but with local tags. #EX1to4 for example, clearly a UK thing.

I will check this later in Exeter High Street. If the report is true there could be a Sony device available.


This video is probably a fake. There is a box from Apple that works with existing kit. But if there is a plan to release a tv anytime soon then the share price is not reflecting this.

But wait, there's more. What if there could be massive losses on the launch of Apple into a low margin market? They could sell 200 million units this year at a loss. And then there is the cost of buying ITV and rebranding as something else. The share price could reflect that there are plans for Apple TV but they are not expected to work out. We just don't know. This is probably the most sensible blog post about Apple this week.