Exeter HMV no Aretha stock, this is the end imho

Not sure how much of my previous rave has been here and/or also in "Wifi Exeter". The year will include some cross posting and retro rewrites.

Anyway the story so far is that I am contributing to the Wild Show on Phonic FM in Exeter. I have played quite a lot of Aretha nd also Joss Stone. I was encouraged that despite the low stock/ display HMV sold out over Xmas.

But now I find that both name tags have been removed. Presumably these are national decisions. Joss Stone performs in Exeter on occasion and for some reason the UK in general is not as interested as the USA or Continental Europe. But this is the sort of thing that might sell if it was available.

A record store without Aretha has just completely lost it.


lots of headphones and mobile devices, so suggest start search with Aretha on Wikipedia.

There are still CDs in the computer exchange shop in the Guildhall shopping centre. Prices may be lower than marked but not high enough to be worth updating.

Backlist on Joss Stone is ok at the moment.