Experimenting with YouTube

Not sure what is happening after the Experimentality event. The blog seems to have stopped. My two videos are not getting much attention. I think there may be some cultural issues around why the social media are not better used. The logos are on the website design but somehow there is not much response.


Print has still got a massive influence on how universities operate. Much of the conference was based on reading from text. Thing is though there was only one copy in most cases. The practice of distributing paper has been discontinued but there is no news on a book. Video would help.but maybe the format for a conference could change. Put the text online ahead of the event then there is more time for conversation.

I do have more stuff to load but at the moment it is in a bit of an empty space.

Bron explains what the conference is about. Comments could be as video or text on YouTube or to this post. It seems to me the issues are similar in the IAS projects I have followed. Modernity as in protection science or knowledge economy. How to balance critique and application?

Can't find other content online from the Lab. If the conclusion is pro critique then surely it should be in public? Link suggestions welcome.

Meanwhile I have searched out an old box of VHS that includes BBC series on philosophy from Bryan Magee. I was wondering about the copyright issues on loading this to YouTube when I discovered it is already there. In chunks of less than ten minutes obviously.

Edwards Deming is working on a version of this in Plan - Do - Check/Study - Act

I don't think UK academics often refer to American Pragmatism. Links welcome.

YouTube is full of surprises so comments etc. could make some connections.