John Warnock in Nottingham UK

Catching up with email and links I found news that John Warnock was awarded a degree at Nottingham University on July 20th and he not only turned up but  also gave a seminar on 'The Changing Media Landscape' . As noted on the university website - "The Document Engineering Lab, part of the University of Nottingham's School of Computer Science, has collaborated with Adobe Systems Inc. for almost 20 years on a variety of topics including techniques for increasing the accessibility of electronic documents."

I cannot find much reporting on this visit. Andrew Marr mentions the seminar in a BBC article about journalism. Apparently Warnock "predicted a cascade of new iPad-like tablets in many sizes arriving by the end of this year, producing turmoil for cinemas (which will mostly go), bookshops (ditto), and broadcasters."  My guess is that he went further than Document Engineering and into video etc. Maybe more will be published about what was said. I realise video can be part of a document but most of the work I have come across from Nottingham relates to documents as text.

What strikes me is that Charles Geshke and John Warnock were invited as Champions of Print to attend IPEX, a print show in Birmingham UK earlier this year. They decided not to go and explanations included the suggestion that they are semi retired or reluctant to travel. My story for OhmyNews claimed that Adobe had a low priority for IPEX 2010. I realise the PDF Print Engine is significant but there was no stand as in previous years. It could be that the chance to talk about a cascade of iPad-like tablets is more interesting. 

Andrew Marr could write more about this. Or introduce more devices into the BBC studio on a Sunday morning. He still features piles of newspapers and a shelf of books.