Farringdon photos on Flickr , Spacex expanded phase one #therecipeexchange

I have tried out a bus trip to Farringdon. starts with the 52 bus out of Exeter. Actually I could just stay on the bus and arrive in Sidmouth fairly quickly. But my idea is to work out a walking route in time for the folk music in August. My recipe exchange contribution included the suggestion that East Devon is fairly flat as far as Budleigh. So far I think this is fair enough. I am going to explore Woodbury Salterton next and a route towards the river Otter. If the hills are too steep I will try further inland.

The White Horse is now a gastro destination, not sure if locals just drop by. The Otter beer is ok but I thought the sandwich pricing was such that I may try this another time. There is no bus stop that I could see so I went on to the Farm Shop where a pasty is reasonably priced and there is seating outside. Also a bus stop so the 52 will get you back to Exeter.

Two of the photos are from another visit to Spacex. One on travel might still relate. My next trip could feature companions. Can I do video clips of the conversations? We could visit the site of the science park via the new bridge. Will this bring much change to the countryside? Do most people just commute anyway? The notice board shows an awareness of what is happening over quite a wide locality. What about protection science? Is there a genuine danger around stray cats or is this just rhetoric?